Tuesday, 24 June 2014

KIVITZ End of Season SALE 2014


Hallo ladies... Dikarenakan KIVITZ telah mengeluarkan koleksi terbaru, yaitu Claire's 50s, maka mulai Senin 23 Juni 2014 KIVITZ mengadakan END OF SEASON SALE (ESS). Produk yang terdapat ke dalam ESS ini adalah koleksi-koleksi dari Aqualuna, K Limited, dll. Dapatkan diskon up to 50%. Pemesanan bisa melalui KIVITZ Online Shop, KIVITZ Bintaro, KIVITZ di Muse 101 fX Mall, dan KIVITZ Pekanbaru. Ayooo jangan sampai kehabisan yaa. Siapa tahu produk yang kamu inginkan masuk ke dalam ESS. 



  1. assalamualaikum sister fitri,
    i'm sakinah from Malaysia.I was introduced to your fashion by my sister.She told me how she really fell in love with what you did ; creating kivitz for a syar'i and stylish muslimah fashion.So i dropped by here multiple times and oppa! i love what you did too! Loose clothing,simple hijab styling,color mixing but not too overwhelming.

    Not only i'm adoring kivitz and becoming your customer,I am making my own clothes as well.Easy ; bought a sewing machine,went to textile shop and has an original piece of work for myself,the way i want,and syar'i.

    So,thak you so much for this hard work,and i hope to meet you one day in Indonesia,coz ive got to go one of your outlet myself.In my fashion world,kivitz is exclusive.

    May Allah protects you and blesses your life.wassalam


  2. and maybe i could send to you some once i finished it :-) .InsyaAllah

    1. Wa'alaikumsalam

      Sister Sakinah, nice to see you too.
      It's all very simple when we first start doing what we really love, like fashion. The only important is commitment, keep maintain the hard work, until you find your truly signature of fashion.. wish you good luck!

      We can meet at anytime. I also go to Malaysia sometime, visit my brother :)